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Frequently Asked Questions

What will you be feeding our students?

The Abbey Group follows portion sizes, food quality and nutrition standards set by the USDA for the National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Programs. We aim to prepare meals that students want to eat because they are not required to eat what we serve. We must compete against brown bags and, in some cases, local food establishments. We market reimbursable meals as the best choice for students because they are nutritionally balanced and favorable for creating a successful program. 

Do we have a say on what’s on the menu?

The Abbey Group is continuously developing our menus to fit the ever-changing needs and local tastes of students. We meet with the appointed Food Service Advisory Committees quarterly at each school to discuss the food service program and meals served. These meetings result in actual menu changes for students. 

Will our students be hungry?

When the Healthy, Hunger-Free Act was enacted in 2010, many media outlets ran stories of students going hungry after lunch. The Abbey Group has worked hard to provide as much food as possible to students while remaining within the caloric guidelines set by the USDA. Every day we provide unlimited fruits and vegetables and hot soup with every lunch served.

The Abbey Group is abreast on all state and federal programs and grants for various meal programs such as the Fresh Fruit and Veggie Program, Snack Program, Dinner Program, Summer Meal Program, Universal Breakfast and Community Eligibility Program and actively partner with districts to launch these programs into their schools.  It is in everyone’s best interest to feed as many students as much as possible for a healthier community and school meal program.

Who controls the price of lunch?

The price of a meal remains the responsibility of the school district. The Abbey Group cannot change the price of a meal without the prior approval of the district. High student participation is key to a healthy program, so it is in our best interest to keep the price of meals down. 
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